Automation from Bolts to Nuts

Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

We consistently hear political championing of bringing more jobs into our communities. Here in Detroit we have a Community Benefits Ordinance, which requires a company with development plans to sit with a Neighborhood Advisory Council to work through the perks of new development for those living local to it. For decades we’ve seen globalization and automation reduce the number of jobs available in the city. Additionally city residents frequently aren’t selected/eligible for various reasons. Detroit does offer development incentives as tax abatements,

Currently Chrysler (FCA) is working on meeting the CBO requirements of the city through the NAC. The company’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) says it will bring

The CBO/NAC timeline says that a draft Community Benefits Agreement will be presented by April 12th to Detroit City Council for review and approval; additionally the CBA has to be completed by April 30, with May 1st as the first date it becomes enforceable. This was presented at the first community meeting on March 6, and the community posed many questions of those leading the meeting. I believe many are concerned that the members of the NAC will comprise of 2 selected by community, 3 selected by Detroit City Council, and

It probably wouldn’t be surprising to hear the company’s already cleared vacant land across the street from the plant (even before that first community meeting) and are quickly laying the foundation for a parking structure along St Jean Street that will span from Warren to Mack.



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Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle

Candidate, activist, photographer, website developer and marketing consultant — Serving perspectives from Detroit’s at-risk communities.